Phone Listings From Area Code 650-375 State Of California

  • Area Code : 650-375
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Burlingame
  • County: San Mateo

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Latest Comments for 650-375

July 17 11:30 pm
do not call has not worked for me. AS SOON as i walk in the door, day or nite, or first thing in the am; this stupid number calls. i almost wonder if its a spoofer id. harrassment is ILLEGAL and NO ONE does anything about this.

July 18 1:51 pm
DONT ever do it! We had trouble with our P.C. and my husband called what he thought was a legiamate # for help. They took the P.C. over and REALLY screwed it up!

July 30 3:40 am
Got a text on6/6/12 from a 'RACERGIRL*6*"-did not answer

July 8 10:33 pm
I Missed two consecutive calls from this number and when I called back to ask who it was , a male on the other end asked if I spoke Spanish (in Spanish ) then I think he asked if I liked to dance ... Idk he spoke Spanish which is not my first language . I hung up. Five minute later he called back , I didn't answer . He called again, no answer and hasn't called back since . Just random . There were a bunch of people in the background so maybe Prank callers ?

August 25 8:27 pm
what is this???? 115-325-6710

July 18 1:20 pm
My mom is 82 years old and on the "do not call registry" and receives a call daily that is recorded on how they can help her lower her credit card interest rate.

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