Phone Listings From Area Code 650-259 State Of California

  • Area Code : 650-259
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Millbrae
  • County: San Mateo

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Latest Comments for 650-259

July 17 3:44 am
I get this call from time to time the number 0 I just ignore it as annoying as it is I have several Opinions on what it could possibly be but truth be known no one really knows heres one of many possibilities it could be the government calling to collect info meaning active numbers or even that when you answer it somehow triggers something they can find out your every move with all the distraction and all the hoax with the government and its entirety and scammers that could even be in on it with the government who knows i recently heard this from someone a friend just got saved in church and started receiving these calls and well when I got back from a mens retreat at church that number started coming through my phone take it for what its worth but it is something more than we know I do believe and I refuse to answer and wont I dont answer numbers I dont know of anyway so lol the bottom line is the world is falling apart and for those who believe in Christ I think have a pretty good idea on what im talking about we are in the last days if you read revelations along with Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John if your not a believer I think you just might reconsider your belief. Ill leave you all with this Leave the number alone just let it do its thing dont pick up its annoying I know but something is behind that number this I do believe God Bless you all God Save America And God Bless Jerusalem The Holy Land and the Jews

August 16 4:17 am
Alameda Newspaper Group offering to deliver Sunday paper for a month free of charge.

July 25 1:46 am
Always buy a phone with called ID and a Block Last Caller Number. It always works for me.

July 4 10:18 pm
Grammar and intellect are important, I agree. However, two more important qualities to possess would be compassion and kindness. Lack of grammar and intelligence wont place you in the fiery pits of hell for eternity but a lack of a kind heart very well might. The mere need to debase someone to make yourself feel superior is sad and shows you to be a very lonely and insecure individual. God loves you and will hopefully one day soften your heart.

July 11 5:03 pm
I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

July 1 10:39 am
today I had a call from 01269 790029. It was an Indian man, forgot his name... who was calling from Emergine media and was saying that I am in a price draw to win Ipad2 and also they have a promotion with LOVEFILM.COM that he created my account, so I could receive free dvd's for the next 30 days... All conversation was nice and easy, until he said I need the 16 digit debit card!! I asked: what is this for?? He said its just to finished the survey. So I just hang up... what an idiot...

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