Phone Listings From Area Code 641-203 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 641-203
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : United States Cellular Corp...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Chariton
  • County: Lucas

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Latest Comments for 641-203

July 6 7:08 pm
231-267-8110 is a known scam number. They frequently leave a sting of garbage numbers for a name on your caller ID. Heres how to block them.* DEFEAT HARASSMENT AND ROBO CALLERS!! CALL BLOCKERS WORK!! The phone companies will do nothing to stop the harassment/robo calls. They want the income from all the robo call companies. The no call list is a joke - the government does nothing. Here is a onetime relatively low cost way to beat those harassment/robo calls. I have now defeated >90% of harassment and robo calls including CARD SVC. I went on-line to Amazon and purchased an in-line CPR CALL BLOCKER! It has an inventory of up to 1200 numbers in your call blocker list. You must be careful in setting up the list or you will get unexpected blockages of your valid incoming calls. Start by blocking all harassment calls using caller IDs of UNAVAILABLE, PRIVATE, or WITHHELD. So far I have also blocked many robo call area codes which have no friends or relatives - 212, 231, 305, 312, 321, 347, 360, 516, 518, 630, 708, 740, and 773. To block robo calls from areas with friends and family, use only complete (area code with phone number) 10 digit blocking number inputs to the blocking list of the harassing number. Add numbers to the list when a new robo or harassment caller gets through! Never use 7 digit inputs to the blocking list or you will have problems! Keep a complete written list of area codes and individual numbers of your blocking list. A small glitch when entering a number into the blocking list can mess up your entire blocking list requiring a hardware reset and complete reprogramming of the list. Harassment and robo callers can also use a technique called spoofing which creates a phony incoming caller ID on your phone. This spoofer AP is readily available and frequently used by robo callers for their harassment calls. Routine updates of your call blocker list still works fairly well against this robo call tactic. There are many other brands of call blockers than the one I have described. Choose one of the call blockers and BLOCK THOSE HARASSMENT CALLS! It is really great fun watching my call blocker light-up and then hang-up when the harassment/robo caller ID matches the blocking list!!! I especially enjoy it when the call blocker hangs up on a persistent harassment caller!!! Take back your telephone from harassment and robo callers!

July 21 6:02 pm
i GOT THE SAME MESSAGE, IT STARTED WITH A TEXT FROM 323-438-3398Thanks for the mail. My name is Oscar Gonzales Morales, Am buying this for my son as a birthday gift and i dont want him to know about it and i am not in town at the moment because am in the Army and i am 1SG (E-8) and have been in camp for some time also we are not allowed to make or receive calls frequently for security reasons but we have internet access and that is our major means of communication to the outside world. So can you assure me i will not be disappointed buying this from you ? I have a mover that will come for pickup once payment clears first.Whats its condition, any damages?Can you send me more pictures ?Are you the original owner and what is your reason for selling?Do you have a verified account with PayPal ?Looking forward to read back from you.

August 15 8:47 pm
i recieved 20 calls from this # in 5hrs every time i tried to call bk it sd nis finnaly they clld for the 21st time and i was able to tell thm nt 2call me and they still did

July 4 8:40 am
Received call from 202-087-6556.  Caller ID was Washington DC.

August 18 12:49 am
yes...'been named as a respondent in a case.'  have no idea what this is.

August 1 4:10 am
I do not want them to call and to take my name and phone number off their list.

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