Phone Listings From Area Code 631-219 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 631-219
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Oakdale
  • County: Suffolk

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Latest Comments for 631-219

July 13 9:37 pm
Heres how I got rid of them; after several weeks of not answering the call and listening to their message, I decided to pick-up during the time they leave their message. At the end I pushed 1 (one) as they request if you want to lower your rates on your CC. Then a man came on the line and said: how can I help you today? I immediately said FBI, please hold while we trace your call, I heard a click, he hung-up. They must have remove my phone number from their list because I do not receive anymore calls, and this was in November of 2014.This week I did the same with SHAIK WASEEM at 845-603-1205 this one says he is from Microsoft and wants to repair you PC...He also hung-up quickly.

August 19 2:30 am
Thank you for this. All of a sudden its like everyday I get a series of long distance numbers that I have no clue who theyre from. I DONT give out any info ever to anyone I dont know. I dont even answer these calls...As for this 239 calls all the time & NEVER leaves a message or call back person...SCAM MUCH? hM...yeh, i think so..

July 9 5:13 pm
Just got a call from this number at my place of business. Been getting a lot of weird calls here at the office. Theyll call and no one will say anything but they keep calling and calling and frustrating! We have patients trying to call us and they cant if our lines are tied up with these frauds!

July 2 7:54 am
Yup.its true. the DO NOT CALL list doesnt work one bit. Ive been on there for years and I STILL get spamming calls and telemarketer calls. Every now & then I even get one in spanish. I dont even know spanish!

August 10 11:58 pm
Couple of calls, hangs up right away.

July 23 7:00 am
called and said i am entitled to five thousand dollars from the government because i pay my bills on time,and haven't been imprisoned in the last two years. i was given an ID number for western union to receive five thousand dollars after paying one hundred and forty nine dollars. the man i was speaking with said this came from the federal government, in Washington,DC. the call actually came from Seattle Washington.  

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