Phone Listings From Area Code 630-961 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 630-961
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Illinois
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Naperville
  • County: Dupage

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Latest Comments for 630-961

August 15 1:55 am
I have been paying my account on time every month. I had a problem and I called to ask if I could skip the next month. (22 days ahead of time) I was given to a supervisior named Anessa Schoelch and she tore into me as if I was a piece of trash. I had never missed a payment. She threatened to garnish my wages and would not let me talk. Did not want to hear me say anything. She was brash and rude. I will never answer another phone call from them and I will never make another payment to them! Ole girl, pissed me off.

August 14 3:40 pm
hmm well it seems each person has a different encounter

August 28 7:29 am
So is this really his cell number???

August 7 3:08 am
I had a missed call from this number and when I called back it was a scam sweepstakes or contest. What makes me mad is the person who answered refused to tell me how they got my number and actually hung up on me when I asked to take my name off the list and tell me where they got my information.

August 14 11:47 am
This number calls often, I just now for the first time answered it.... He wanted me to go to my computer and type stuff, of course i didn't..... what i did was do a search for this number and this site came up...... another scam, but what is it do they want? I wonder.

July 16 3:49 pm
Unfortunately, I am not aware of who to report these calls to. However, I do suggest not answering strange numbers and allowimg the answering machine to take the call. If the person does not leave a message, call them back well at the end of the work day frpm a "throw away " phone to listen to any voice message.  If no message, it is likely a SCAM. BUT I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BLOCK STRANGE NUMBERS TOTALLY FROM YOUR PHONE. CALLERS FROM THIS NUMBER HAVE BEEN RUDE And  plain out Nnasty to folks that answer. They are not professional and...there again...SCAMMERS!

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