Phone Listings From Area Code 630-478 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 630-478
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : At&t Local
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Elmhurst
  • County: Dupage

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Latest Comments for 630-478

July 4 12:18 am
If youre just trying to make an honest living, then these remarks arent directed to you. The hate is directed toward all the scum-bag crooks who call you late at night, lie to you about why theyre calling and try to get into your computer to get passwords, banking information and anything else these maggots think they can use to line their pockets. They will tell you up is down, if they think youll fall for it, and they have no conscience about any grief they might cause you. Furthermore, it does no good to tell them politely or any other way not to call again, because theyll do it anyway. In the future, however, Ill try to tell them Go to hell as politely as possible. Sorry youre being tarred with the same brush as all crooks, but you need to understand that its an occupational hazard now in your line of work. You can thank the crooks for that.. Once burned, twice shy.

July 3 4:41 pm
I just got a call from them and I immediately suspected a scam due to the accent and I didnt bother to hear the rest of their pitch as I was hostile in my tone and I hung up on them and I came here to the website and what do you know another scam from India. I am glad to be able to look up garbage like them on this site and verify what they are.

August 22 12:34 pm
Got call on house phone from 918-570-5402. It was an automated call asking if we wanted to reduce our credit card interest rate, however, it was phrased with a sense of urgency and a notion that there could be something wrong with our credit card. It required us to press number 1 to access a person which I did. My intent was to be placed on their do not call list. When the gentleman answered he asked if I was interested in lowering my interest rate. I stated no, but I did want to know the name of his company. At that moment he disconnected the call.

August 2 10:28 am
getting miss call from this num everyday..while receive get disconnected...

August 4 1:17 am
hi are you my name is tiara wiggins and i was interested in your ad that i recieved on my phone about renting to own for the 3br/2bthrm for $265/mnth i was wondering if you could give me a call at (443)452-4541....and please call asap because i am in desperate need of a home

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