Phone Listings From Area Code 620-483 State Of Kansas

  • Area Code : 620-483
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : United Tel Of Eastern Kansa...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lehigh
  • County: Marion

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Latest Comments for 620-483

August 25 1:21 pm
Folks, do not answer these calls. Verison says its a scam and the caller gets money when you answer the call. Theyre also doing it with 800, 866, 855 numbers.

July 2 7:54 pm
this number keeps texting the number to my cell phone

July 20 12:38 pm
Suss, I also live in Pierce County.  Great job.  I have been getting calls from 727-712-0382 Quality Resource up to 3-4 x a day starting just after 8am and ending just before 9pm.  If it is an out of state area code I do not answer my phone, thinking, solicitor, telemarking, collections, etc.  I worked in Healthcare, and when I looked up Quality Resource all these job openings appeared, then I added to my search Clearwater, FL. and got this web site and your comments, along with many others.  I do not do on-line payments because I do not know how secure my information really is.  However, I did make a purchase through Ebay using PayPal for payment.  I have also ordered once on-line through This week, I got an e-mail from stating that some had tried to access my account from another IP address, and for security reasons would I fill out the attachment (which asked for almost all my personal, financial, information) it went on to say to check with my bank in 2-3 days because they would be making two deposits to my account and to e-mail them back the amount of the deposits.  Yeah Right?  I contacted PayPal Customer Service via telephone to ask about this e-mail, which of course was a Scam. Since I making purchases through e-bay, PayPal, and, I have been getting scam e-mails and phone calls, the e-mails really look legitamate.  One was from SunTrustBank, USBank, and IRS regarding a refund.  I contacted SunTrust and USBank, and the IRS e-mail is listed as a scam under the IRS web site.  I am concerned that the information this company (scam) Qaulity Resources and others are somehow getting the information they have regarding creditcards, banking accounts, last 4 SS numbers are the result of purchases made via the internet.  So how really secure are we when making on-line purchases, or  using bill payor,etc. or using on-line banking, (which some banks offer rewards, increased interest rates, free banking, if we use on-line banking, or even to view our accounts on line).  This is really scarry.  What can be done to stop the calls and e-mails, especially e-mails that appear to be legit. and are legit companies or businesses.  Every time I get an e-mail scam or call, I call my family especially my grandchildren since they are now just getting started out on their own with bank accounts, credit cards, etc. and utilize the internet alot, especially my son-in-law, for purchases.  Would love to hear back from you and anyone else with updates on new scams, etc, you have encountered and what to do.  Can't anyone find out where/who is doing this, if they can find us and all our info, why can't they be found and stopped and charged, arrested?  I just don't understand.  What about TV news having a segment on Scams, just like they do on one station, checking out "stupid" things, their investigator, on how hard a fan blows, or if a certain gadget works. What a waste of time and money, when they could be informing the public on these telephone and internet scams.  Anyone agree.  Thanks Suss for your information and others that sent messages.

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