Phone Listings From Area Code 620-357 State Of Kansas

  • Area Code : 620-357
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Sunflower Telephone Co., Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Jetmore
  • County: Hodgeman

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Latest Comments for 620-357

August 19 9:02 pm
I am on the do not call list and Im still getting stupid calls

July 15 1:47 am
Take note that the DO NOT CALL list DOES NOT apply to SURVEYS CHARITIES OR RELIGIOUS organizations.

August 5 8:19 pm
Didn't answer. Tried phoning back and got a message saying "This number is not available for call return." I've had this same experience on at least 15 other numbers for this company. I just block them as they come in. Hopefully they'll run out of phone numbers soon. LAME!

July 23 6:17 pm
Received a couple calls last week. Received 3 calls yesterday (Jan. 16/12) AND 6 calls today (Jan. 17/2012).  When I answer,  NO  ONE  is on the line..  This is frustrating.  

July 12 4:45 am
Keep getting 4 messages from them every couple of hours. Very annoying!

July 15 9:38 pm
My husband also got a text from "Lucas" today with a simular text regarding his craigs list post.......wanting to buy his transmission with a certified check and $30 extra to consider item sold....

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