Phone Listings From Area Code 618-208 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 618-208
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Windstream Nuvox Illinois,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Alton
  • County: Madison

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Latest Comments for 618-208

August 30 2:37 am
I've been getting 2-3 calls a day from completely different numbers asking for the same person, "Patricia (not me), they all sound like they are in a busy place and the person even sounds the same/similar. When I tell them they have the wrong number, they hang up.

July 2 1:11 pm
Louisiana police association wants money.

August 5 6:56 am
Never anyone on line ... when re-dialed ... it doesn't ring ... ???? Have gotten at least three calls from this number

August 13 2:35 am
I can't even stand these people. They call my work constantly asking for Joe Reyes and that man doesn't work here and I don't think he ever did. The man said it was Instaloans. I get similar calls from what I think are either puppet companies or similar ones, all asking for this same stupid guy. The other day I asked what company they were calling from and they said Fast Cash Now. All of them have a similar accent. Earlier this week I asked to speak with a manager and told him he needs to take Joe Reyes off of whatever call list he has, because they're never going to get through to him this way. I was so angry, I get probably upwards of 30 calls a day from these companies, all asking for Joe Reyes. I was pretty firm with him, and he whined at me that he's "the manager, not just some Tom, Dick or Harry." OK, well get your crap together, manager dude because I shouldn't have to tell you more than once this guy doesn't work here. He wanted to further cry to me about how they're "just doing their job" well, part of your job is keeping your contact database current, you jerk.

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