Phone Listings From Area Code 614-843 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 614-843
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Aerial Communications
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Reynoldsburg
  • County: Franklin

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Latest Comments for 614-843

July 4 7:30 pm
This number called I didnt answer and it said *my name* we car about you but befor this and also after its like a computer trying to talk and then it just goes out.

July 18 3:20 pm
You have me wondering now! We always got a few but changed to Verizon Wireless with home phone and seems there are more bogus calls now. Have a 2-year contract! Seems this would be grounds to break it.

July 18 9:48 am
Agreed. The problem is---the laws which are in place to protect us are woefully antiquated and have not kept up with the explosion of technology, which these scamsters use to commit their crimes. All one can do is access a call blocking device and/or service to discourage them from calling. We subscribe to a call blocking service through our ISP, which automatically blocks selected numbers and basically tells these callers to GET LOST. After a while they finally give up and move on to another target.

July 18 11:11 am
tge past shall stay in the past

August 21 5:38 am
Keeps calling twice a day for the last 3 months (yes months).  Won't leave a message or anything.  I absolutely refuse to answer any calls I don't recognize after taking a phone call from Bank Of America at 8:00PM wanting to send a free credit report.  Odd considering BOA's policy is not to send account holders anything unless they ask for it, and even if you do request it, they will send it in the mail.....not call you to ask if you're interested.  I immediately callled BOA and they said it's scam and to never take a call you don't recognize because it's most likely someone trying to get your banking info or other critical information.  I don't owe any money to any collection agency, and even if I do....a legitimate one will send you documentation in the mail about it before calling you.  I've never received any mail from West Asset Mgt....EVER!!  So they can't possibly be legit.

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