Phone Listings From Area Code 610-593 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 610-593
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Commonwealth Telephone Company
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Atglen
  • County: Chester

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Latest Comments for 610-593

July 27 12:49 am
I got the same thing. number 2534656024. Said he was a DC tax guy. Ron Gabor or similar. Said there was legal matter against my name.

July 3 8:15 am
Good advice about the call blocker machines. Note that with many machines you do not have to block an entire area code to eliminate harassing calls from a specific exchange in that area. Simply specify the 6 digits for the area code and exchange in your filter. This is helpful when a phone best uses multiple numbers from an exchange to do their dirty business.

August 14 2:42 pm
Same thing only i hear a beep just before it says goodbye and disconnects.

August 12 8:39 am
Sorry, but the does NOT work. I am on the do not call list and we get calls from FOP, carribean cruise, 000-00-0, and so on.

August 16 1:47 pm
Someone called my ex-husband from this number and told him they were coming to his house tomorrow to arrest me.  They also called his wife and his sister looking for me.  Said I had an outstanding debt of $1500 and that they would file charges against him if he didn't pay up.  We've been divorced since 1990.  He didn't fall for it, but contacted me to let me know.  Last month my husband got the same kind of call from a different number.  Was told authorities were headed to my office to arrest me but if he paid $1500 the debt would be settled.  I don't have any outstanding debts.  My ex didn't catch the name of the "firm" but the name my current husband was given was Crosby, Cain and Associates - 855-420-8338 - known scammers.  The real troubling part was the person who called me ex had his Social Security Number (but not mine).  Also, and this is interesting - while they have found my ex, his sister, and my husband's cell number - all in different states, they have NOT contacted me directly.  Thought that was odd.

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