Phone Listings From Area Code 609-983 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 609-983
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Medford
  • County: Burlington

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Latest Comments for 609-983

July 11 2:18 am
My girlfriend got the same message saying something similar to what you got. Any ideas of what this is and what its about?

August 1 4:53 pm
On the iPhone, look at your recent calls. Click the blue circle with the i in it on the right of the number / call you would like to block; this opens the Info screen about that call. Scroll to the bottom, click Block this Caller. (this is how it works on the iPhone 6; guess they are all the same/similar).

August 30 4:27 am
Called 4 times, keeps hanging up

July 26 11:10 pm
The card service scammers WILL service our credit cards, BUT, when they finish servicing them, they will have NO available credit remaining! People that are fooled into having their cards serviced will be charged a MINIMUM of $795.00, and many times the ENTIRE amount remaining on the card. The card service scammers are a disgusting group of degenerates, who prey mainly on the low income, and the elderly, but will cheat anyone that they can!

August 14 4:47 pm
I have found that some of these calls came from when a relative gave me a subscription to AARP.My advice is DONT answer these calls.

August 18 1:50 am
Called them back and they never answered

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