Phone Listings From Area Code 609-489 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 609-489
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Manahawkin
  • County: Ocean

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Latest Comments for 609-489

July 6 8:15 am
Very strange texting from this number, owner (not of U.S. Origin) says he didn't do do it. Reverse lookup indicates this number is owned in Capitol Heights, MD.

July 2 11:37 pm
I get calls from this number daily and it is really starting to annoy me

August 13 4:09 am
Obama 4 minute excerpt from a presidental rally.  Called me at 7am in the morning an I had to wake up to get it.  I am NOT happy!!!

August 6 10:26 am
Thank God Cliff provided this info.  I just moved to Austin.  The TSTA called me when I lived in Houston.  Whenever I (foolishly) answered, there was always a very stern, drill sergeant sounding voice obviously on a speakerphone and it got my attention.  Then you could hear a "forced volunteer" reading from a script about fatherless families and brave men. I interrupted and asked if he was soliciting money.  He dodged the question, but later asked, "How much would like to give?  Would $25 be too much?"...... I said to put me on their "do not call list", but I see now that they are exempt.  I hate it when authority figures try to squeeze money out of you, leaving you with thought "what if they know my address and license tag number?" ...  I have always donated generously to law enforcement support groups (100 Club in Houston), but it has come from my heart, not my fear.   These people need to change their tactics or be open to lawsuits.

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