Phone Listings From Area Code 608-823 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 608-823
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Centurytel Of Monroe County...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Norwalk
  • County: Monroe

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Latest Comments for 608-823

July 4 8:48 am
Called claiming to be a call-back with information we had requested regarding a back brace we say on TV. Nope, it most certainly is nothing of the sort, since we neither saw such a product advertised on TV nor called about it. Its a new tactic they must be using to try to get around the fact that its illegal to call people on the do not call list if theres no working relationship already.

August 15 7:16 pm
We have been using the donot call list for a couple of years its a farce not worth a darn the fact that it ends with . gov should tell you its not worth anything it does not work period.

August 27 4:20 am
I recently lost my job and my unemployment is screwed (what else is new) Anyway I could only pay a small amount on my credit cards. I spoke with each of my credit card accounts and explained the situation, no one offered a solution not even Capital !. Anyway so to make a long story short, they know I lost my job and cant pay. I told them what I could pay for the next month each one said ok and still called me the following month to harass me about paying. Credit card companies do not care your situation all they want is their money. So do not put that BS about them working it out with you because that is a lie!

August 24 8:37 pm
try this website and you will not get no more spam phone calls i guarentee you it works. I dont get no annoying calls at all. I have been like this for the past 4 years. If I change my number I make sure I register my number into this website to prevent annoying calls.

July 9 8:46 pm
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July 4 3:46 am
Received numerous calls from this number claiming to be Specialty Travel...when I call the number back, it has been disconnected. Since it shows up as a person's name on caller ID, I believe people are answering the calls. I feel Specialty Travel is using Century Link's customer database of disconnected numbers to not be known. If a call recipient doesn't answer, they do not leave a message. They are rude, and will not remove my business number from their list.

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