Phone Listings From Area Code 605-866 State Of South Dakota

  • Area Code : 605-866
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : West River Cooperative Tele...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Prairie City
  • County: Perkins

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Latest Comments for 605-866

August 3 8:16 pm
Well what can I tell you? These guys (Portfolio Recovery) are genuine bottom feeders of debt collection industry. They buy old statute expired debt and through harassment tactics try to collect 10 to 30 cents on the dollar. Of course the minute anything is collected, the statute date resets to day 1 and their other outfits and ambulance chasers come after you. If you have noticed their letter of settlement is only for the debt with them, not original debtor or the next place they sell it to. The only way to fight these guys is to get with your state authorities. These guys know all the Federal loopholes.

July 29 5:47 pm
cell phone only rang about 2-3 times. No message left. I did not return call.

August 7 3:46 pm
Got a text saying I have an inactive debit card.  When I returned the call, I was asked for my debit card number.  The text came from  The website is illegitimate.  Achieve debit cards are issued through  I have never signed up for a card from them, so I do not know how they ended up with my number.  However, the text came from a site THAT IS NOT the actual achievecard website.  Caution, I smell a scam.

July 2 11:13 am
Collection agency calling for previous owner of my phone number

July 3 7:11 am
I have made numerous complaints and have had enough. Call backs are rejected unless you provide and unblock your unlisted number!

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