Phone Listings From Area Code 605-625 State Of South Dakota

  • Area Code : 605-625
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Interstate Telecom. Coop.,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Willow Lake
  • County: Clark

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Latest Comments for 605-625

August 7 12:43 am
I, too, have somehow been added to their call list, which is interesting as very few people have this particular number of mine they are calling. As this phone number is given out for strictly personal reasons, I am familiar with every number that would be calling or the area codes that are familiar, in the event someone should call from a different number in their region. I know not a single person in the 623 area code, so its a no-brainer to reject their calls. Thwy called me three times in rapid succession this afternoon when the phone had ringer off while I was with clients and left no message. I got the same data when I Googled: Parties r us rentais. Since I resent being pestered and having some unknown scammers invade my privacy, Im going to put a periscope up a certain part of this alleged rental companys anatomy and report them to my carrier for harassment. Yes, I CAN block them. I can do NUMEROUS things to them. But its far more satisfying to REPORT them. And thiat is what every single person who receives calls from them should be doing: WHOEVER your carrier is, contact them and complain about unsolicited calls from this particular number and this company that calls itself Parties r us Rentals. This may NOT be their real name, but for the time being? Thats what Google is telling us until I dig a little deeper and find out who these wuzzocks REALLY are.I certainly never signed up for any party rental of any sort, so they took it upon themselves to begin bothering ME at random at a number that is strictly private, which is assigned to a phone I purchased and uses time I pay for out of pocket. Ill be back when I have more information specifically explaining what Ive done to put a stop to this telephonic trespassing. And I do NOT recommend answeriing their calls: likely as not, you will either get a robot call instructing you to press certain numbers OR you will be hit with one of those youve just won a free Gift Card/Caribbean Vacation scams. Its THAT time of the years, friends. DO NOT give out ANY financial information. Set your voicemail to default where at most it will give your number and nothing more. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true? Its simply because it IS too good to be true. Just explain to your friends, family, boss, co-workers...whomever, that youre getting JUNK CALLS and do not want to give your name to random idiots. The only other alternative is to change your number...and these people use software that systematically dial through every area code and prefix and number sequence, so you might as well stand your ground and keep your phone number and put these people out of business by FIGHTING thme legally. : )

July 16 11:48 am
YES,THEY NEED TO GET A JOB!! they called said i got a loan with some company i never heard of, and the police was coming to get me,

August 17 6:28 pm
They call saying their name is Albert

August 19 4:52 am
Soliciting sex acts for money. Vulgar and nasty.

July 20 12:04 am
They call me about once a week.  When I actually start speaking to a live person they hang up on me.

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