Phone Listings From Area Code 603-939 State Of New Hampshire

  • Area Code : 603-939
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Northland Telephone Of Main...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Center Conway
  • County: Carroll

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Latest Comments for 603-939

August 29 1:07 pm
Got a call yesterday from this number..just happened to notice it as I was checking Caller ID since we dont have voice mail. The number 661-748-0240 appeared above as BKFD MAIN, CA.I did not, nor do I plan to, call the number back, but out of curiousity as to its validity, came to this website to check it out. I see that several of you have posted complaints, etc about this number. Ill be ignoring it as I do many others that appear to be step is to discontinue service!

July 11 4:31 am
same thing 2 rings then hung not call back

August 9 5:36 am
I get them about 3 times a day, on my landline.which is CenturyLink. I cant stand it anymore!

August 14 2:45 pm
I got sucked in, initially thought it was a ligitimate call. Got transferred to Hannah McDonald, also with an accent. Wanted $399 for lifetime security warranty against "hackers". I was told I would be "black listed" and would never be able to use the internet again or my computer. I hung up. My computer was disabled and and had to use backup software to get it back up again.

August 2 8:09 am
This phone number 727-213-1230 has called here several times.  This tdime the person is trying to get me onto my computer to access something, saying he works for Microsoft and that he is going to help me get rid of a virus.  I'm also on the do not call list, but obviously, these people are not touched by the threat of being fined. People like these are the only "viruses" that seem to be a threat these days.

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