Phone Listings From Area Code 602-749 State Of Arizona

  • Area Code : 602-749
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qwest Corporation
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Phoenix
  • County: Maricopa

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Latest Comments for 602-749

July 25 11:17 am
Do you live in Florida? And do you own a gun? If you live in Florida and dont own a gun you should be scared. These callers are from Florida, whereabouts nobody knows, unless youre the phone people. From all the people commenting on Google search the police wont do anything about this, go figure. I just got double called from this number, Im in Canada.?

July 28 6:04 am
Received these texts:wcstoygah@mkyzhlqztm.comSubject: 17862540381txt me pls, and maybe i will send a naughtyPic i just took lolSimilar one on 1/7/15123.44.68.119 / How about I come by to your office and you give me a tour of your insides? text me 14847029411just had 4 vodkas LOLSent from I-Phone

July 5 9:51 pm
I had this happen then they wanted me to send $300 on a green dot card for irs fees to send the money. Wth? These people are relentless. They were saying that i got a $7000 grant but it was from a 732 area code. They still call...

August 21 9:02 pm
Newark, new jersey calling about health insurance. Calls 10 times a day non stop

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