Phone Listings From Area Code 601-683 State Of Mississippi

  • Area Code : 601-683
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Newton
  • County: Newton

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Latest Comments for 601-683

August 10 7:23 am
Do you still have the envelope your diary kit came in? If not, you are out the $5, they usually send it with the diary.

August 28 10:46 pm
It doesnt work even then.It is useless.

July 25 11:19 am
This si true they asked me for $150.00 and i sadi to Susan why do I need to give you money for a loan I never heard of that, she staTED  once oyu send the $150.00 I'll call you back in 30mins to re-verify your information and your money will be in your account. When i spoke to her she transfer me to a jasmine Carter who says she's in management and asking for $400.00 for insurance for the loan. I told them I want my money back and if they need $400.00 take it from the loan. i did inform jasmine as she calls herself I'm gonna call the media on her she told me go ahead. they answer the phone when you return their call like they are home and some time they sal California Cash net,. i LOST MINES i SHOULD HAVE GONE WITH MY GUT INSTINK. I'm waiting for the media to return my call something has to happen to thease people.

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