Phone Listings From Area Code 575-729 State Of

  • Area Code : 575-729
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Sprint Communications Compa...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Alto
  • County: Lincoln

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Latest Comments for 575-729

August 13 9:51 pm
I also got the call. When I called back it was coming as busy.

July 8 6:58 am
If I want your opinion, Ill ask for it idiot. Go F%^& yourself.

July 6 4:54 am
Called at 10:30 PM and got a few choice swear words from me as a result. Total and absolute jerkwads. Not only are they criminals, but to call so late is so beyond a nuisance. The lowest of the low. would have to aspire to the scum level.

August 22 7:02 am
Got a call from this number on my cell, IMMEDIATELY after a call from 727-748-1520 on my work phone. The automated answer is Hello, you have reached Customer Service, if you are calling for (several power companies) please press. when I pressed the number for my power company, it was answered by a person who said he wanted to renew my price protection plan, and asked if I had my account number handy. I told him that if I were going to give out any of that information, Id do it by calling my electric companys main customer service line. He told me thats your choice, this is only a courtesy call because your price plan is expiring. I called my power company and the rep there said that it was inappropriate to have asked for my account number without identifying by my name first. I could have been a hoax.

July 16 3:22 am
This number keeps calling and claims they are Crime Investigations, but do not know the address on which their business is located when questioned about such.

July 29 4:33 pm
This number calls my house all the time.. and today I decided to answer it. They respond with my name. wtf? how do you know my name when I have never answered to this number until today. I panicked and said they had the wrong number. who the hell is this, and they really need to stop calling.. they call all the way up until 9 at night. and that would be fine for any person with no kids and no job. gosh, have some respect. talk when you call. leave a msg explaining who you are, and call only ONCE and NOT at 9 at night. have some respect! this is an outrage!

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