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  • Area Code : 575-492
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Valor Telecom Tx,lpnm #1 D...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hobbs
  • County: Lea

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Latest Comments for 575-492

August 1 2:47 am
I got the same call...they did this a few years ago and called me recently to return the money because of a mistake in billing and were refunding everybody on their list...when they explained the process to me, it made it sound like I had to deposit twice the amount owed back to me (240.00) and they would refund it back to was a scame...THEN after I told them to forget it, they called back two weeks ago claiming I had malicious software on my computer when I knowingly had them unplugged and turned OFF The man got rude with me and insisted you can still get malicious software on your computer when its turned off and unplugged...I told him to stop talking and to hang up and never call me back, he replied, no YOU shut up and listen to I hung up. Yes this is a scam and when I tried to call the number they told me it was a Skype phone number. Where do I go to turn this group in.?

July 24 2:25 pm
206-229-9830  Just received an Unwanted, Unrequested and Unsolicited phone call from a man SCREAMING "JANS ATM dot com!" over and over again. He even spelled it out "That's J A N S A T M dot com!" Machine caller offered NO removal request options or why this call was even being placed. I have the ENTIRE phone call saved onto my answering machine and will be using this evidence to seek out legal actions, as well as monetary indemnification, from this caller for violating my privacy, as well as for violating the Federal Do Not Call List, which ALL of my household phones (Home and Cell) are and have been on since it's inception.

July 28 3:11 pm
Called at 3:25am. Hung up when answering machine picked up.

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