Phone Listings From Area Code 574-453 State Of Indiana

  • Area Code : 574-453
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : United Tel. Co. Of Indiana,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Leesburg
  • County: Kosciusko

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Latest Comments for 574-453

August 14 3:24 am
We got the call at 9:15AM, which, after working until 3AM last night was NOT welcome. Didnt answer, but was still disturbed by it. FOUR RINGS and then hangup before the machine picked up. Would love to know the NAME of this SCAM, as it is likely yet ANOTHER of the FAKE, PHONY **REYNOLDS FAMILY** of TN and GA *SCAMS*. Theyve called us HUNDREDS of times, (despite BLOCKING their numbers) and often use live operators who ask for you by name (not that hard to find out) to make their scams SEEM legit. But, They are NOT!Ive gotten a SLEW of phony Veterans Charity scam calls in the last several months from 857-209-2708, 857-362-8302,857-362-8303,508-205-6082. Often use names like American Veterans Support Foundation or AmVetSupFUNDThey use NAMES THAT ARE SIMILAR **SOUNDING** to LEGIT Charities, but theirs are TOTAL SCAMS.Weve also gotten a TON of calls from their TOTALLY PHONY Breast Cancer Charities using names like Breast Cancer Support, BREAST CANCER S and BC FIN ASSIST or BCFA and variations on that theme, calling from:413-241-3302 (Called us TWENTY THREE times in the last year from this one alone)781-854-3083857-444-5636857-444-8107857-444-8183And finally, they also use CHILDRENS CANCER as a RUSE, calling from857-776-3089.Im guessing TODAYs call was another one of those.ALL of these charities are COMPLETELY BOGUS and do NOTHING but ENRICH this **FILTHY** Rich Familys coffers, further. Google Reynolds Family Charity Scam or go to or and see for yourself.HOW is it this is being ALLOWED? WHAT POLITICIANS have been PAID OFF to look the other way on these SCAMMERS?If anyone finds out what NAME they are using with THIS one, PLEASE POST it!Meanwhile, if you want to give to a REAL Charity, always check it out at FIRST. (Even some of the big names are not so great once you look at their ratings.) NEVER give to cold callers over the phone because (1) you have NO WAY of knowing WHO is really calling and if they are Legit, because numbers & names can be SPOOFED (Faked) and (2) even the real ones pay a HUGE percentage to TELEMARKETERS for this method; as much as 80% of your donation could be LOST to PROFIT MONGERS. Contact the charities you like YOURSELF and DONATE DIRECTLY by check (mail) or credit card (by phone call that YOU make to THEM.)

July 2 5:25 am
I am experiencing this right now..hmmmm i think the man I chatted with is a scam.. Warren Edwards in UK..hired me as an au pair.. asked me to shoulder the visa fee for 320gbp..

July 5 6:51 pm
I want to know the owner of this number.

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