Phone Listings From Area Code 573-435 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 573-435
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Spectra Communications Grou...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Edgar Springs
  • County: Phelps

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Latest Comments for 573-435

August 28 3:29 pm
I agree. Likely spoofed. Most possibly a robo call - a computer generated call using a program that once you push 1, or another number, if someone is available to take the call, they will come on the line and try to scam you.

July 20 8:45 pm
this company calls me once a day. i pick up and let them talk to them self for a while. i may be looking into getting an attorney to get back at these scammers. its horrible what they do to people and it is very illegal. ignore them or have some fun and just play dumb and keep them on the phone for a while. they want to waste our time, its time we waste theirs. :)

July 24 12:05 pm
Ive had multiple calls from them for a while now and I wont pick up the phone when I see their number displayed. They are a credit card processing company. Their website says they are BBB accredited which when checked out at BBB, you will see that there is an alert on them. Their BBB rating is an F. The reason is that they have a history of violating the BBB name and logo policy. They are obviously very untrustworthy and youd have to be short of more than just a few brain cells to do business with a company like this.

August 1 4:52 pm
This man who told me his name was John Walter keeps calling me and telling me  he is a paralegal from california and that criminal charges will be brought up on my husband if he does not call. After alot of research I found out this is just another scare scam to get you to pay up.

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