Phone Listings From Area Code 541-367 State Of Oregon

  • Area Code : 541-367
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Centurytel Of Oregon, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sweet Home
  • County: Linn

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Latest Comments for 541-367

August 28 9:37 pm
Ive been getting the same number for weeks on my 800 number from multiple phone numbers. I had my answering service block the first couple of numbers, but they keep coming. Numbers used include 903-538-8458, 409-273-9995, 979-798-9629, 631-832-5059, 325-948-6616, and 512-767-9191. Im usually getting one to two calls a day right now.

July 14 1:54 am

August 19 1:40 am
I feel like I have to try an answer for this company.. I am not sure how much of this money goes to those who are disabled as many are. More than likely most of the profits are.. I know that in they would sell more items there trying.. I also know that in the area of Alabama there government has some horrid laws. I will say this I know the company that is represented is a company represented and does have the mark of the BBB so they are fine. Constant calling may come from a pressured employee or even another entity there are calls placed daily that cover numbers. For example if you are called by anyone and you get around 25 rings which is well according to law in any call center 15 rings that is it. Then more than likely you are being called by what is part of homeland which is testing many as of now to see reaction and so forth. I hate this and would not know of this if I had not known military next to me on FT. Knox which informed me of this. I know this is strange and is very rude I think as citizens we need to look at the U.S. and really see what is taking place. I cannot count the times I have had calls from actual threats that are actually government hired! Trace on google you may get some info.. When some of this will stop I have no clue.. But as far as the number from Alabama it is fine.. This I do know.

August 26 10:41 pm
Friday morning, October 14, 2011 at 9:18 a.m. this number appeared as a missed call on my cell phone.  No message was left.

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