Phone Listings From Area Code 541-280 State Of Oregon

  • Area Code : 541-280
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bend
  • County: Deschutes

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Latest Comments for 541-280

July 20 6:32 am
HEY, THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT . . . NOT BANK OF AMERICA. OMG I got a call from that number, too, and I saw the Bank of America on the caller ID. I said screw them, Ill call the number on the back of my BoA credit card. Its a scam looking for your info. Dont be a victim.

July 27 5:23 am
I am in Malaysia when I got this phone call

August 13 10:16 am
yeah, I am on Verizon Wireless and thats who is doing the calling. I went to the sales office and they said they didnt know what to do but to go to the web site or call 611. I did both of those things but it was a waste of my time. They both were dead end streets. Im thinking of switching service providers, thats all I can do. One call I was able to catch was a Wells Fargo Visa Card agent.

August 9 12:37 am
I've received several phone calls from this number. I've never answered because I don't know anyone in DE. They don't leave a voicemail. So today I finally answered and there was no voice on the other end. 10 seconds after I answered they hung up. Two hours later--same thing. So I called the number after I found this site on Google and then I read through these complaints. It's some debt reduction company? I don't have any. So it asks which 10 digit phone number you'd like for them to stop calling and I entered mine. So we'll see if that fixes the problem. HOW ANNOYING. I don't understand where they got my phone number.

July 11 7:31 pm
I wasn't able to understand the foreign accent and when I kept asking to have what was said repeated the female on the phone hung up without answering me.

July 16 12:58 pm
She is an awesome person! and she is really smart!

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