Phone Listings From Area Code 540-470 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 540-470
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Waynesboro
  • County: Waynesboro City

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Latest Comments for 540-470

July 8 8:41 am
Called 4 times, keeps hanging up

August 17 4:22 am
VF TESTINGNote the lack of underlines . . .

August 5 10:15 am
You are Sardelis? Thats my mothers maiden name. Im getting three calls a day from these [***] and my numbers registered on the DNC list. About as useless as a tub of spit. So annoying.

July 12 8:08 pm
9 calls and 9 messages that said "Thank you and Good Bye"

August 24 1:03 pm
Pathetic people who can't get a real job just trying to get your credit card info by making it soind like they want to help you and making it sound urgent by saying "this is your final notice" if I had a dollar for every "final notoce" I'd be rich" If you need something then fond a reputable company for your needs but stop giving info out to or doing business with anyone who calls and maybe these pain in the rear telemarketing scammers will go away.

August 13 5:32 pm
This dude or chic would not let up on calling. It's like damn bagbrah, you ain't got a life or something?

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