Phone Listings From Area Code 518-457 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 518-457
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Albany
  • County: Albany

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Latest Comments for 518-457

July 20 5:44 am
My time and my privacy are worth way more than $5.00, up it to $5k and Ill think about it.

July 28 10:31 am
They just called here asking for a lady saying they will be delivering court papers tomorrow Whelp she doesnt live here

August 26 7:09 am
I asked to stop texting several times it keeps saying no

July 12 10:12 am
they want to sell herion and crack i dont use drugs , i hope u get busted

July 22 4:17 am
They call and leave no message.  Instead of the nonsense usually in the text field of the caller id it is H P Christman.  Twice now.  Probably someone else from their calling list.  I doubt many people answer calls that aren't from people anymore, so the scam artists take that into account and use someone elses name.  I've been called by myself.  :-)

August 16 4:29 pm
I have been recieving these calls since 2011. It is always the same guy with a accent wanting me to purchase drugs. At first I was polite but I seen he wasnt going to go away I began to annoy him back, such as scream a bloody sound until he hung up, call him several times in a row until he used not such nice language at me, tell him to hang on and lay the phone down and walk away. I have filed several complaints about this guy on the DO NOT CALL LIST, but nothing. I bought a phone that blocks numbers and now it is full. Yes all 30 blocked numbers are from him and yet he still obtains new ones to call me on. Creepy. His caller ID shows numbers from all over the United States. Oh and I must mention that not only does he try and sell you drugs but calls back and pretends to be a DEA agent that intercepted a package that contained drugs that i had purchased. What a joke. Does this guy really think that anyone would buy anything from him. He must get paid per call, b/c he is relentless.

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