Phone Listings From Area Code 518-340 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 518-340
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Central Vermont Communicati...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Albany
  • County: Albany

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Latest Comments for 518-340

July 30 2:36 am
I called from another phone got busy signal. I then call from my cell and did not have any option. Help who callilng

August 10 8:12 pm
Ars n acc r not registered names n hence illegal.they were an inc before 8.2010 but were suing as llc..illegal! I could go on and on. im who pulled kim ross record on ujsportal. United judicial system pennsylvania. If u were sued undet the above contact pa atty gen office ask for sr deputy mxgowan. Ive also contacted the irs .n since they were suing in ohio n Michigan I contacted the fbi. I have a copy of their articles of incorporation..tons of other their former pt paralegal I could not watch them 2 line their bAnk accts w illegal money.u can google my name n contact me w any issues I may be able 2 help u w. 5hey did start ability because 2 paraphrase atty cohen were done if found out.n yes as if 1.2012 when I met w an atty who sues them all the time that that is true but joint acct call the pa atty generak!!!

July 8 10:18 pm
everyone !!! Have your landlines disconnected and it will end a lot of this nonsense...these morons have no right to dial your did not give them permission to harass you day and night, 24 hours a day ! I finally smartened up and had my landline taken out...I now have google phone on my computer and laptop and iPad and not once have I ever had these morons call...I am now telemarketer free !!! The Google phone is free so you are not paying the landlines endless taxes !!! What a god send Google phone has been.someone out there is selling your telephone numbers to the telemarketers.Enough is enough ! If your smart, youll get rid of the landlines fast !

July 9 7:26 am
Don't recognize this area code or number and can't understand their message.

August 29 11:49 pm
Is the owner of this number a text scammer?

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