Phone Listings From Area Code 513-491 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 513-491
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Cincinnati
  • County: Hamilton

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Latest Comments for 513-491

August 20 12:52 am
An Indian guy keeps calling me from this # every day. I talked to him twice and told him to stop calling me. He said the govt is trying to give me $7000 in grant money and he actually knew my name. I told him I believe hes pulling a scam and to send me something by mail so I could look it over. He kept saying No, let me tell you... I hung up and then he called right back. My daughter answered the phone using a Russian accent and then put the phone by the toilet and flushed it. She had fun messing with him.

August 25 8:16 am
It is a scam. The whole thing is a fraud.

July 19 11:39 am
this number is for cbv collections. they were calling me about a debt that wasnt even mine but my information was given to them by their client. I dont know who the client is or how they got my number but since the debt isnt mine I hope they wont be calling me again

July 7 4:27 am
yup, the NRA. weird, within 3 minutes of receiving the call, checked here, then called back. said it was an inop line. Hmmm.

July 17 4:13 am
What the eff' is this number? Is it a college or somethin, cus i have colleges calling me, n it gets annoying... =/

July 14 9:09 am
Rec'd a call today from caller ID # 312-674-4607 - "sweepstakepromo".  When I answered, the message said I had won a car and it was "urgent" that I call back 1-866-598-3512 Ext 4786 and ask for Sam Key.  When I did call, it was answered as "sweepstake promotions" - but when I connected with Ext. 4786 - there was no one by that name.  SCAM SCAM SCAM

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