Phone Listings From Area Code 513-466 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 513-466
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Middletown
  • County: Butler

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Latest Comments for 513-466

July 28 12:12 am
Called but left no message. Another class act.

August 28 12:33 pm
Answered this number, but nobody responded. Shortly after they disconnected.

July 4 5:12 pm
I get calls all day long and emails about everything under the sun. Thank God for google. All the junk calls I gethave been scams.

July 22 10:58 am
Same story here everyone, except he was messaging me from the number 7038296034. He was texting me, but I was busy at work in a meeting, so I didn't respond. I then got a text from the number you have all listed: 8282788210, with the simple message "Hey". I didn't respond because I didn't recognize the number. I figured this was a scam before he started asking for money. He told me he was a single dad, a widow, lost his wife to "death cancer of the lungs". He supposedly had a masters degree and was a construction engineer. He went to college in England and his dad "works in the trains", but both his parents were deceased. I found him on Facebook, which is what set me off, because he instantly blocked his contacts, but I had already started my digging. He went by Jake Cloney. His facebook ID was jefferycloney. I did a records check and no such person. His daughter's name was supposedly Hanna and nanny was Sheena. I saw the same video with the crab where he said, "Dance for mommy." He was supposedly working in Istanbul, Turkey, building a hotel. He was telling all his workers about me. I asked if they thought he was crazy, but they were so happy for him "cos" they thought he was gay. He spelled once "ones". Lots of clues that this guy is not from the US and does not have a master's degree. The biggest tell-tale sign fornme was the lack of public records and the inability to match the images on google image search. He used the email address and met me on, by the way. We were chatting on yahoo messenger, and I think he had attached virus and spyware to the videos and photos that he sent because my computer and internet crashed while I was chatting with him and tryimg to research his true identity. I feel bad for the guy whose identity, pictures and video were stolen. He's totally hot and the videos with his daughter are super sweet. Be careful everyone. I hope this information helps protect someone else. I'm really glad I caught on within a couple of days.

July 27 4:56 pm
The caller said they're from Bosley Hair Transplant

July 28 12:41 pm
A Hector from this number had called two days in a row....repeatedly calling me back, after I've asked to be removed from the call list.  I've also spoken to a supervisor.  I do NOT want calls from this number!!!  They keep saying that they don't want me to miss out on this great opportunity!!  What do I do????

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