Phone Listings From Area Code 512-767 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 512-767
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : 1stel, Inc. Tx
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Austin
  • County: Travis

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Latest Comments for 512-767

August 5 5:55 pm
Oh, they definitely will not be getting a dime from me that is for sure. I make disability so I would have been paying them back money that I needed for bills and medical needs. And like I told a friend, I even have seen reports online of them showing up at residences with fake warrants. Scary proposition if you are a female and do not know this is a scam.

August 3 5:06 am
This afternoon, I got a call from a gentleman who identified himself as Mike ORiley from SNB Processing. His # on my Caller ID was 720-544-7880. He sounded very professional and stated that my name came up because someone was about to file a lawsuit against me in a federal court. He then proceeded to give the # of the law firm (1-866-252-3492) that handles that lawsuit and a case # (DR5006). I called this # and the receptionist picked up. I asked what firm I reached, she replied R&J Consulting Firm. I asked her what kind of firm that was, and she told it me it was a LAW FIRM and asked for my case #. I gave her my case # and she transferred me to some guy who immediately asked me for my name and Social Security # to verify that he is speaking to the right person because this is a highly sensitive matter. I told him there is NO WAY I am giving him my SSN, to which he replied, then were going to file a case against you and hung up! I then called Michael ORiley abck to see if this was a working # and he picked up! I told him I am about to file a case with Attorney General, and he said, Good luck with that and hung up. SCAM SCAM SCAM! Report both #s if you hear from either of them!

July 8 8:43 am
Credit Card Services Scam

August 28 12:11 am
Just got in and I retrieved a message from this number. I could not understand what was being said because of the accent. When I did call back on a phone with the number blocked, I spoke with someone who pretended to be an answering machine after I asked a question. He informed me that I needed to call back tomorrow during normal business hours.

August 7 7:53 am
I also just got a call today from this number claiming to be from a Support Company and requesting remote access. What idiot would actually fall for this?

August 12 8:38 am
Joseph Miller called from this #  today Sept. 26, 2012 stating my husband won a contest he entered last year for Country Crock, that the drawing was held in Nov . 2011 that he won $550,000. He stated that they had been sending the information to the wrong address and now have our correct address and would send the certified check from Bank of America via Fedex and it would arrive tomorrow between 10am & 2pm. Or I had the option to donate it to a cherity which he named 2. I told him I would take the money. He then wanted to know what I would do with it, put it in my checking account or savings account. I told him I didn't know what I would do it might just cash it and put it in a jar and dig a hole in the ground. He kept pressing me about checking acct and savings acct. but never asked me for any account information. I played along with him until the end, he even gave me a check serial number and a claim number. I then asked him what kind of scam he was playing. He got upset with me but remaind steadfast in my claiming the money. I told him to donate it to any one of the cherities and have the cherity send us confirmation of receipt so we could use it for a tax deduction, I then hung up.

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