Phone Listings From Area Code 509-886 State Of Washington

  • Area Code : 509-886
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier Communications Nor...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: East Wenatchee
  • County: Douglas

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Latest Comments for 509-886

July 29 4:14 am
LMAO, did anyone else notice that all of the supporting messages here were written by some indian fu ck head that is trying to mimic American speech by abbreviating words like and with n. You dumb a sses cant even spell, and you think Im going to fall for your bull sh it about how great this sh it hole company is? Go to hell, and die slowly.

July 18 8:24 pm
Grammar and intellect are important, I agree. However, two more important qualities to possess would be compassion and kindness. Lack of grammar and intelligence wont place you in the fiery pits of hell for eternity but a lack of a kind heart very well might. The mere need to debase someone to make yourself feel superior is sad and shows you to be a very lonely and insecure individual. God loves you and will hopefully one day soften your heart.

August 6 12:27 pm
Caller identified himself as representing software company ETS.

July 29 10:52 am
I had already paid this company two payments, and when I tried to schedule the last one for a later date I was screamed at, cussed at, and hung up on.  Then the harassment started again.  These people are relentless and have no professionalism whatsoever.

July 10 4:31 am
They don't stop calling even if you talk to a supervisor they don't talk to you or they hang up on you. Just want them to STOP. I'm on the no call list but that doesn't Stop Them

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