Phone Listings From Area Code 509-853 State Of Washington

  • Area Code : 509-853
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Advanced Telcom Group, Inc....
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Yakima
  • County: Yakima

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Latest Comments for 509-853

July 1 8:41 pm
They use spoofed numbers and change a lot. Its hard to track them down. They have caught some of them, but not all of them. This is where you need to practice self defense though and call block. Consider getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $50.00 or so. If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some. You can google this. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control. Iphones appear to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number.Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:By State DNC lists:FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:email:

July 29 3:47 pm
Calling saying they're a government grant department when there is no such thing and if there was a such thing it would bee calling from a DC or 1800 number

July 6 4:30 pm
Recieved a text message with this spam. "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPhone5! But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code BETA at will Receive it!" Definitely sounds like a scam.

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