Phone Listings From Area Code 508-463 State Of Massachusetts

  • Area Code : 508-463
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Xo Massachusetts, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Marlborough
  • County: Middlesex

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Latest Comments for 508-463

July 7 8:25 am
Simple solution! If you have a service where you can forward individual calls to other numbers (e.g. Time Warner phone) then simply pick a number to have the calls forwarded to. In my case, I have calls forwarded to the town dump, other bill collectors, the FBI, The State Police, a brothel in Arizona and finally, a mental hospital. Any one of those options WORK! If the same number tries to call me again, depending on my selection, they may be able to make a date with a hooker or talk to the FBI! In any case, I NEVER hear from them again because the calls are automatically forwarded!

August 30 9:51 am
SCAM ALERT - 323-570-4065 - SCAM ALERT - 323-570-4065Report them right away to the FTC at've reported them, however, the federal authorities won't act upon one person filing a report, there needs to be several reports in order for them to move forward and actually investigate and hold these people accountable for their actions. Report them right away...

July 13 5:49 pm
They change numbers but same area code. SPAM!

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