Phone Listings From Area Code 507-947 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 507-947
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Midcommunications, Inc. Db...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lake Crystal
  • County: Blue Earth

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Latest Comments for 507-947

July 10 7:41 am
This is a Pakistan or India based IRS scam. Do not fall for it. The IRS does not initiate any legal action via phone. Read As general background information, here are a few things you can do:1) Report it to TIGTA under especially if you have become a victim (lost money, gave personal information etc.). You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at (include IRS Telephone Scam in your complaint). This way you can also help the government establish specific fraud patterns.2) Help kill their phone lines but not by calling them back direction (the number may be spoofed and repeat calls by you may - under exceptional circumstances- amount to harassment). The scammers use Voice over IP lines (e.g. magicJack (Ymax corporation)) to make it seem as if they are calling from the US. This is always against these companys terms of service and can lead to immediate termination of their contract and blocking of their IP addresses for future attempts to register. Do a reverse look up of their telephone number (e.g. to identify the Voice over IP provider and report it to the company and/or law enforcement (local police and/or state attorney general)3) If you are really annoyed: call or write to your representative in Congress. As these scams happen all over the country maybe this will trigger a reaction and provide US law enforcement agencies with the political backing and the resources they need to work in India and Pakistan together with local authorities (it can happen, read: ... mmission-320427). A US task force has already been set up in Jamaica to nab scammers there (see ). You can use the following template for your letter (more powerful!) or email: ... 558497927242748

August 20 7:48 am
I am getting 000-000-0 calls. Plus several calls per day from 855, 662, 858 and 259 area codes. I received a voice mail from a woman stating she was from the credit protection agency and was investigating a case against me by my ex-husband. I AM WITH VERIZON!

July 19 7:05 pm
This number texted me from a four digit code and asked me to call 2694093451

August 28 5:36 am
time warner cable pay yo bill foo, Obama ain't gonna do it.

August 1 4:31 pm
140-855-5534...I received weird caller in this number around 12:40 am...weird no answer.

July 11 9:05 pm
Was called from this number. Do not recognize.

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