Phone Listings From Area Code 504-301 State Of Louisiana

  • Area Code : 504-301
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Cox Cable New Orleans, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: New Orleans
  • County: Orleans

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Latest Comments for 504-301

July 20 9:43 am
Get a Panasonic phone with the features on it of answering in a voice telling you who is calling as it rings--you know who it is before getting up to answer the phone which is a neat feature--, BUT then the best part, it has the feature of blocking calls right on your phone. That is the only way, and works like a charm. You just enter the number you want to block, go thru a couple easy steps, and you won't be bothered anymore by these pesty spam callers. Highly recommend this!!! My phone is a Panasonic Talking Caller ID 6.0 PLUS model. LOVE IT.I think I bought it at Costco, but surely available in other stores. Costs a bit more, but so worth it!

August 16 6:54 am
I just got the exact same message, word for word! LOL:

July 7 2:49 pm
If your in school, for the sake of your future, pay more attention and learn how to speak

July 28 9:28 pm
I want to block.his text messages

August 7 10:28 am
I actually followed the link and it is the same kind of "participation required" b.s. that usually comes with these things. The only difference is you have to participate in at least 10 offers and not cancel more than 2 of them within 30 days. In other words, you are going to spend almost as much as you would if you just bought the darn thing outright. Ridiculous. Total waste of time.

July 2 10:42 pm
called me too on 2/15/2008...i didnt answer.

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