Phone Listings From Area Code 503-686 State Of Oregon

  • Area Code : 503-686
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Teleport Communications Gro...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Portland
  • County: Washington

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July 16 9:08 pm
I just ordered the Schticky online as I thought it was a decent idea and wanted to try it out. I figured maybe this way I could get rid of all that pesky pet hair easily! But soon after, things didnt seem right... The first thing that I noticed that was weird was that I got a confirmation e-mail about my Schticky purchase. The problem with this is that I had never hit confirm on the purchase page. I had put all my info in, and was on (probably) the 2nd to last page before finalizing my purchase. I wasnt totally comfortable buying this item so I decided to sleep on it, but low and behold, as I said, I received a confirmation e-mail the next day regardless. That was the first thing that was off. The next is the following day, I received 7 phone calls from the 866-379-2003 phone number. I hadnt answered it all day because I was at work. Finally, at 9pm I picked up but only because I was expecting another call (I have a strict policy not to answer #s that I dont know). Then, as everyone else has explained, I spoke to 2 different people about $100 gas vouchers and coupons that, after 1 month, would automatically be charged to my acount unless I called to cancel (it was some $29 charge). I cant explain the situation in enough detail because both men spoke so fast and fluidly that I had a hard time understanding them. Anyways, I had to give them my birth date, verify my address, and my credit card number. And as you can see, I was dumb enough to do all this (even though I know better!) At any rate, after spending 20 minutes on the phone with this [***] scam, I immediately called my bank and cancelled my card so as not to even have to worry about dealing with any money theft. I probably will not receive my Schticky since the order was still processing in my account and I moved all of my funds to another account and cancelled my card. I would still like to try the product, but not at this cost! This kind of thing makes me not understand how people can be so ridiculous. Anyways, sorry for the long review, I just figured Id be as detailed as possible for others curious like me. Trust me, ITS A SCAM!!! Dont do it.If anyone asks for your credit card #, either ask them to repeat it first (if they say they know it) or ask for a number to call back later at a better time. Theyll probably just hang up. Hope this helps!

July 19 4:06 pm
Offering to further education

July 29 9:10 am
Calls at random times of day, usually while I'm sleeping

July 16 10:42 pm
Calls every Freaking Day and never leaves a message

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