Phone Listings From Area Code 502-932 State Of Kentucky

  • Area Code : 502-932
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Summersville
  • County: Green

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Latest Comments for 502-932

August 4 6:11 am
Once I had one of these spam type calls on my cell phone. I let it ring out, and googled the number and found out who they were and what they were after, and then called them back. When Achmed answered the phone, I told him that I had received his call earlier and wanted to know what this call was about. So he tells me what hes after. Then I tell him I had purposely let it go so I could google the number and that I knew who the company was according to my google search and what they were really trying to do...oh he got so mad...He said Dont call me no more you [***]! and I told him that he called me first and that he didnt have to worry about me anymore but that I would be turning his name and number and the name of the business to the FBI, DEA (extortion line), my state attorney generals office, and my local police the time I hung up with him he was cussing me something fierce. I laughed all day after that.

July 22 4:04 am
I just got a text from the same person saying he lived in my city and moved to Utah for a job. Said he pay my price and add $30 if I held it . I'm glad I looked i just got the text today

July 28 3:07 pm
I tried to call a radio show as well. One number off.  It was a phone sex line.  Just like the others said, i received a message asking for a good time.  I looked the number up online, found this site, then immediately blocked the number.  I called t-mobile, they suggested I go ahead & text "STOP" & unblock the number (so the text would go through) & then block the number again.

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