Phone Listings From Area Code 502-842 State Of Kentucky

  • Area Code : 502-842
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bowling Green
  • County: Warren

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Latest Comments for 502-842

August 3 5:08 am
really there is no way to tell i have worked for telemarketing companies for a while and belive you me it isnt hard to get some ones information. companies have whole programs dedicated to searching public records and data hiding under the falcehood of legit firms. im not saying its a scam but its definatly posibble. just pay in the store or when you call them on the 611 number to be on the safe side. im also curious has anyone called att at 611 and asked them about this # to see if its thiers?

August 19 8:40 am

July 20 6:05 pm
Stop calling i dont have a high school deploma or my ged if u can help me with my ged then call

July 1 6:22 pm
Automated recording about a home security system

July 8 11:27 am
Health insurance recording. "Are you one of many Americans without health insurance."

July 29 7:34 pm
They call to my cellular every 30 minutes and nobody leaves a message or they do not answer.

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