Phone Listings From Area Code 484-846 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 484-846
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Broadwing Communications, L...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Glen Mills
  • County: Delaware

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July 10 1:59 am
I have no idea who a law office of Nichols or Grant are! Furthur more I have no business dealing with a company in New York. I recieved four calls from them today. I was informed to contact then or have my wife contact them. I was a victium of some kind of fraud. Yes! Their kind of fraud. They wanted to contact me pertaining to some kind of court proceeding her in our local county court! This sounds very likelty the same outfit that tried to through their weigh around a little while back. They were gussing with a different Sociaclal Security number. I told them that it was not my sociacial security number. They then started in on me as to how I had had my idenity stolen and need their help to streightened it out. I told the individueal I did not need his help and he got very angry with me.He started to cursing at me. He was very rude with me and told me that he would be the only one to fix my account and would have to us his firm. I told the person that I did not have to use any of my valuable time to waist on his crap. He was still holloring at me as I was hanging up!! Now today they start the same garbage agin.

July 15 4:29 am
Called 2 times. Second time I answered and told them to take my number off their list, they complied

August 20 6:21 am
My Gosh! I cant believe all of the people on this thread that are absolutely clueless as to the original purpose for the creation of the DNC. It has one sole purpose and only that one regardless of what anyone thinks it is supposed to be doing. That purpose for creation was and still is to Limit the number of Telephone sales calls from Legitimate and Registered with the FTC American Businesses to those who have registered on the DNC list. It is just a LIST! Nothing more. Not a super computer, not a mechanical call blocker, it has no means of knowing what calls the over 300 million Americans want or dont want to receive and it has no acceptable caller list submitted by these over 300 million people as to which callers are or are not acceptable. The DNC was not created as a law enforcement tool...crimes are reported to the FCC, FTC proper, FBI, etc. The DNC is a reference LIST for legitimate businesses!A list that is required to be purchased and updated monthly by those Registered with the FTC Businesses who do in fact honor the requests of those on it. How many Sales calls do we get from Sears, local grocery stores, pharmacies , Lowes, Home Depot, Banks, Car dealerships offering specials of the day, Office Depot, and I could go on forever and fill up this whole thread with legitimate businesses. Everyone expects this LIST to mechanically block their Unwanted calls. There are over 500+ million phones in the US. They expect this LIST to chase down and prosecute some scammer calling from a basement boiler room in India with a Government that does not cooperate with the US government. Scammers and scofflaws are guilty of Fraud, extortion, and criminal activity. This is not what the DNC does . The FBI does this. Yet it is reported to the DNC with full expectation that they will chase down all of the scammers in the world, drag them out of their basement hidey holes, build a case, and prosecute them. With all of the scammers and unwanted callers going on now, how would that be possible. The DNC is not a government entity. It is a section within the FTC that does nothing but collect and provide this LIST to the Registered businesses, required to a cost. The DNC is not Tax payer funded but in fact funded by those legitimate businesses who are Registered and purchase the list monthly. Thousands of them. And should one of these businesses violate the list, after warnings, they are fined from 10K to 16K for the violation. Very few businesses violate the DNC. How do they find them? These business, before they can purchase the DNC List, must register with the FTC. Company names, principals, phone numbers, addresses (physical) FEIN, tax numbers, sic codes, and all of the proprieties required to register to be able to purchase the DNC list. They find them by simply pulling up their data base and sending them a letter. They do not administer to scammers, crooks, and other scofflaws because it would take an Army with unreasonable funding to perform all of what everyone thinks they should be doing. Criminals are left to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The DNC LIST is permanent. Once registered, always registered until you request to be removed. If you re-register your number is held in limbo for 31 days until a new list is produced and then what ever time it takes for businesses to update. If you think that the DNC Registry is not doing what it is supposed to be doing, just think of all of the Telemarketing calls youd be getting, in addition to the scammers who now call you, if the millions of American businesses who are now honoring your request on the DNC by NOT calling, started calling. The DNC costs you nothing extra as a Tax payer. It is a self funded service. It is not responsible for all of your unwanted calls or the great biblical flood or herpes. It is not going to stop unwanted callers. Nobody can stop a person from calling any phone in the world. Once a scammer is stopped, another pops up. What I have just posted is the same post, in content, that members of this Forum have been posting, explaining and re-explaining, for years. I know full well that it will do no good. People will still have their opinions and will not be confused by any facts. At least think about it and remember that I, like others on this board, am just the messenger. If you dont like or agree with what you have read, Take it to the FTC and complain to them.

July 11 4:55 am
I got a call this morning at 3:20 am. from a phone number 760-705-8 till I got to the phone they hung up ,so I called the number back on my cell phone , and I got a message saying your call can not be completed . who ever is doing this to people, I hope they get their payback soon. jumping out of bed like this could have someone fall and break their legs or etc.I entered this number into spokeo and it brought up a digital map of someplace I never heard of. this is not coming from someone I know, cause I just had my phone number changed a week ago. I think its a scam !!

July 30 9:43 am
If its credit one tell them to cease and desist and they will stop for 90 days

July 2 2:41 pm Check here to verify no call registration and report violatoing numbers.

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