Phone Listings From Area Code 480-347 State Of Arizona

  • Area Code : 480-347
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Xo Arizona, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Mesa
  • County: Maricopa

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Latest Comments for 480-347

July 4 6:10 am
FYI this is a SKYPE number. It is shared by hundreds if not thousands of Skype callers. Even though Skype is sometimes used by SCAMMERS, such as the cases listed here, it is certainly possible that someone may call you with this number who is TOTALLY LEGIT. So if you have friends or relatives who use Skype, dont be surprised if this phone number shows up in your caller ID.

August 22 2:42 pm
I came here after searching for the number. I received a cal telling me that I had a dental appointment tomorrow at 3:30pm. I questioned the caller, and became suspicious because of his diction and manner. I asked what the dentists name was, and he hung up.So was he hoping that I would be out of the house tomorrow at 3:30pm?

August 12 7:58 am
selling something. recording.

July 25 5:29 pm
So I get a call from my dad today, he said that they just got a call and drug dealers have my sister and they are gonna kill her if I don't pay them $600 that I owe them. It all started that my sister got a call from a Chicago number saying that they were the Chicago police and that me and my dad were in a fatal car accident so they needed my moms number. My sister gave them my moms number and they called her and said that I was driving a drug dealers car and crashed it and they have my sister and they are gonna kill her if my parents don't pay them the $600 that I owe them. I called my sister and she was safe at her friends house, I rushed to pick her up while my dad called the police. We have no idea of how they knew my family enough to know how we were related.

July 24 1:18 am
because you probably work for them.

August 22 5:13 am
Got a call from (512) 199-4200.  A guy with an Indian accent told me he was calling from 'nation computer repair' and that they detected a virus on my computer.  It was obviously a scam so I started messing with the guy. Every time he got halfway through a sentence I'd yell out "THAT SOUNDS GREAT!!!!".  It took about 10 times before he finally got frustrated and hung up.  Ahh, the little joys in life.  Anyway, it's total scam.  Beware.

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