Phone Listings From Area Code 479-482 State Of Arkansas

  • Area Code : 479-482
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Fort Smith
  • County: Sebastian

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Latest Comments for 479-482

August 8 7:09 am
roto dialer for a debt collector

July 8 6:48 pm
Why would you need their address its all over the web Karaguizuan had his office on queenmary raided by cops do u need more info

August 24 12:58 pm
I wasted a year and thousands of dollars on this big mess. I talked to corporate many times about how screwed up things were and they didnt care a bit. They are just in it for the upfront fee. I have been on the weekly conference calls. The annual meetings and the corporate training. Its all a big joke to me now. These guys are slick at the talk and ignorant at every aspect of business. I believe that its all a big game and only two guys are getting rich. Everything I have read in these blogs I have double checked and believe them to be true. I know most of the people now that are in this company and most of them are in these blogs. There are three positive blogs that I can find from the past three years and I have talked to them as well. Each one of them says they posted their positive comments before knowing enough. Each of them has quit by now in complete frustration. Therefore, now I know of not even one person that has had anything but bad things to say about the entire situation. I want in on the suit. Contact me at [email protected] I will share my every experience with anyone who wants to know. I dont want anyone else falling into the same trap I fell into.

July 25 10:06 pm

July 10 7:41 pm
Received call was told that my computer was sending out error messages and they could help fix the problem by remote access to my computer. This is the second call from these people.

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