Phone Listings From Area Code 479-341 State Of Arkansas

  • Area Code : 479-341
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Seligman
  • County: Barry

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Latest Comments for 479-341

August 12 10:03 am
Yeah been getting text from this number also. I use extreme call blocker so I added this number to my black list and just sent a 5000 text bomb to it saying Dont text me again

August 18 6:50 pm
Most phone companies can do a trace, so even if law enforcement wont take the time, the phone service provider can still do this. This info is from Hang up your telephone when you receive the threatening call and pick the receiver up again. Listen for a dial tone.Dial *57. When you dial this number make sure that you do it immediately after the threatening call has been made. If you do this a couple of hours after the threatening call, the service might trace a different call. According to, if you have a rotary dial phone you should dial 1157. There is a fee for this service and you may have to pay your phone company upfront fees or pay every time you dial *57. Contact your phone company for specific details.Listen to the announcement that comes on after you dial *57. The announcement will confirm that you have traced the call successfully. The traced number will be sent directly to the phone company and the telephone company will record the call.Obtain an authorization form. states that after you dial *57, you will have to call the phone company to verify that you activated the call trace. The phone company will send you an authorization form which, according to, must be signed before the traced call is given to law enforcement officials for investigation.File a police report with your local police department. The police will work with the phone company to investigate the traced calls and the caller.Read more: ... l#ixzz2otqPLA00

July 22 11:03 pm
Keep getting a call asking if I know a particular person. Apparently this person gave my number and information to this company.

July 25 9:21 pm
On 3/7/11 at 5:04 pm, received call, answered, a man asked for me, asked who he was, he got very rude & hung up.

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