Phone Listings From Area Code 469-285 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 469-285
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Waxahachie
  • County: Ellis

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Latest Comments for 469-285

August 9 8:52 am
Didn't say anything and unable to call number back.

August 7 4:58 pm
Every time we have received a call from this number (and we have received a lot) they have identified themselves as being from Omnitech, which is a computer tech service I contracted with last July 2013 for 6 months. That contract expired in Jan 2014. They have called telling me my computer has a virus, and I need to get a prepaid visa for $300 for them to remotely repair it. They have used that one several times. They tell me my computer is calling them, when my computer is not even on. I got my last call Sept 9 telling me they were going out of business and needed to refund my $249. I kept telling him I did not have a current contract with them, but he insisted they needed to refund this amount of money. Finally I told him we were independently wealthy and did not want the money.he should keep it for his trouble. Then I hung up and called At&t. They have blocked that # from calling my home again, but they probably have plenty more numbers to use.

August 21 8:28 pm
got a simular text at midnight from Ahkqdpxbynjqwc@O were you in boy scouts?because you sure have my heart in a knot.text me 302-648-6713 i love being there with you on my bed. sent from I-phone. this is just to screwed up . some one woke me up with this random BS.hope they get just whats coming to them soon.

August 9 2:26 pm
I make it a habit to NEVER answer unknown numbers. Today I *almost broke my rule because a family member is due to travel to Seattle soon & I thought something might be going on. THIS is why I have this website bookmarked on my phone! Thanks for the good info people! Sorry for your aggravation, but knowing I could rely on this website spared me the same. Please keep reporting folks!

July 4 6:42 pm
started getting calls 3 days ago 5 and 6 a day we have centurylink, I leave it to answering machine 1st time asked for my hubby by name and kept saying hello, now nothing. It is very annoying

August 18 2:33 pm
Crazed ghetto hoe lookin for her babydaddy DONT ANSWER LMAO

August 24 12:16 am
same thing is happening to me. and he says the only way for him to stop calling is if i kiss him haha. how is he getting our numbers!?!?

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