Phone Listings From Area Code 440-231 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 440-231
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Tmobile Usa, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Painesville
  • County: Lake

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Latest Comments for 440-231

August 9 9:43 pm
dont panic. however just make sure you pay attention to why they are calling , and you can probably guess their purpose, either a prank or a sales, or telemarketer. i work for a marketing company and we use a software to research niches say pet groomers and we type an area, all the pet groomers in that area and surrounding areas pop up. search can be very extensive and pull up owner listed, phone #, website if there, Facebook if there, email if it can find. and other weird facts. me being the sales man for our product i call ppl i know and ask them what number popped up as sometimes i call ppl i have no connection with and they are always asking where am i from, found out this 661 748 0240 # pops up. so i looked it up. i am using Skype. and since business who outsource to overseas, i think this is the number Skype puts up when they call cell phones and landlines. But remember people make money creating software that will research and find out specifics on business. granted what i sell isnt much of a scam, its more of a learning tool to teach people how to market their business. just remember people trying to make a living that got those sales jobs are the ones making the call. just tell them your not interested and dont call again. Im not a pushy person so i probably wont make in this industry but Im bored and needed a hobby haha..

August 17 8:38 am
a client just came in (12/16/2013) with the same letter, Rockwell Power Tools with a past due bill - SCAM

July 8 2:23 am
Use these codes 100 000-0 , 000 000-0 , 000 000-0001 try and see it works

August 30 11:56 pm
People, if they are cold-calling you, meaning calling you out of the blue...seriously, what university does that? Its most likely a scam

July 15 1:31 pm
The message said something about a football pool...I dont do this kind of thing and do not recognize this number.

August 30 11:06 pm
Just block is scam saying to install in your home security systems...FBI..blablabla

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