Phone Listings From Area Code 423-892 State Of Tennessee

  • Area Code : 423-892
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Chattanooga
  • County: Hamilton

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Latest Comments for 423-892

August 22 12:32 pm
Just as I suspected. Stephanie looked at a piece of a clue and thought she had ALL of the information. What she HAD was the CARRIER for the number: VERIZON WIRELESS. Ergo, this is a cell phone they are calling from. Apparent attempts to call the number from a land line will result in NO ANSWER. This is a classic example of some form of Telemarketing Scam. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER BACK ON YOUR PERSONAL CELL PHONE. EVER. Better yet, ask your local or County POLICE or Sheriffs Deputy to use a cell phone to call them back and explain the reason why. These people are attempting to commit a crime. It IS the job of law enforcement to attempt to PREVENT crimes as well as to intervene in crimes that are in progress or appear at the scenes of crimes that have taken place. I would think a few anonymous calls from Law Enforcement would stop shut these people down pretty effectively, since Verizon Wireless doesnt seem to care.IF you call the number back with a cell (Im betting REGARDLESS of the carrier), these unscrupulous devils will claim to be VERIZONs BILLING Departiment or some other BS. BUT you do NOT want to call this number back on ANY cell phone you actually want to USE again, because you will have opened yourself up to a world of pain. Find an old cell phone somewhere. Get a ten dollar phone card. Make a few calls until youve got maybe 2 bucks left. THEN calls this number. Give a bogus name. Ask why they called you. It wont matter if they never called the cell# you have. They want to establish CONTACT. This is the reason to NEVER ANSWER WHEN THEY CALL -- VERIZON WOULD IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS THEMSELVES. NEVER CALL THEM BACK FROM A CELL PHONE THAT YOU INTEND TO CONTINUE TO USE, OR YOU WILL BE FORCED TO CHANGE YOUR NUMBER. WHEN ONE TELEMARKETER GETS AN AFFIRMATIVE CONTACT & KNOWS YOUR NAME, SUDDENLY YOU BECOME VIRAL. This is the reason I strongly suggest: change your personal greeting to the DEFAULT that only gives your number and NO NAME. Do not ANNOUNCE your name. Use a landline or email everyone who needs to know why youre making this change. Save your minutes. : )I have complained to Verizon Wireless for allowing this SCAMMER to use their service to harass and ultimately STEAL from vulnerable people. I suggest that YOU do the same. There have been hundreds and probably thousands of complainsts made against this number and probably made TO Verizon Wireless for not putting a stop to what these sleazebags are doing. I have represented people who are Seriously Mentally Ill, people who are elderly, autistic, Intellectually Challenged, people who live month-to-month in such poverty that they are desperate to believe theyve won a free $100 or $500 Wal-Mart Gift Cart and only need to pay Shipping and Handling Fees and give their banking information. THEN, they are RIPPED off for hundreds of dollars and never receive ANYTHING.and only come looking for help when they are so stressed and overwhelmed they dont know what to do to help themselves. The problem is, the longer you wait before contacting your bank, the harder it becomes to recover your funds. So PLEASE remember what I said about NOT giving financial information to companies like this that you dont recognize. Verizon Wireless HAS a specific contact number. It is NOT this number. Their billing department would be contacted via their main number. THINK about it. I know its the holidays, but these CROOKS know this, too. They KNOW people are having hard times financially. If you answer and speak to a person, they will promise you ALL KINDS OF THINGS & THEY WILL SOUND SINCERE. THEY GET PAID TO LIE TO YOU. THEY SOUND LIKE VERY NICE HUMAN BEINGS, BUT YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER SUCKER. THEY ARE SETTING YOU UP TO SELL YOU THINGS YOU DO NOT WANT OR NEED -- AND IN THE MAJORITY OF CASES, YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ANY OF THE MERCHANDISE YOU HAVE BEEN PROMISED.PLEASE COMPLAIN TO VERIZON WIRELESS AND ANY OTHER TELEPHONE SERVICE THAT ALLOWS THESE TELEMARKETERS TO HARASS PEOPLE AND STEAL FROM THEM, ESPECIALLY DURING THE HOLIDAYS. THANK YOU!

July 24 10:45 am
Received call at work offering a free subscription to the American Journal of Cardiology. Stated that they were calling on behalf of this journal. When questioned what company they worked for, was given Vlan D Marketing. Appears not to exist. I too got just music when calling the number shown on caller ID.

August 3 2:54 am
Got a call from an unkown number please help

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