Phone Listings From Area Code 419-928 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 419-928
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Level 3 Communications, Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: West Salem
  • County: Wayne

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August 28 7:16 am
Dear Ms. Darline,I hope you got a policy, and are in good health.However, you have confused cause and effect with correlation and causation. I just a call from wife. Moments after I hang up, an out-of-area call came through. So by your logic, my wife must have given our number out to that spammer.I have been plagued with daily calls from spammers and scammers for years.I now have an affordable Blue Shield policy, thanks to President Obama. And save $6000 (SIX- THOUSAND DOLLARS) per year. And cant be denied for pre-existing conditions. And cant be canceled because I may get an expensive condition.So tell us, did you save money?Did you have a pre-existing condition?Denied insurance elsewhere?For you haters out there, I have a suggestion:Ask for an Opt Out amendment to the health care act. You shouldnt be forced to have health insurance.This Opt Out would also let hospitals, doctors, medical providers Opt Out from having to treat you.After all, doctors and hospitals shouldnt be forced to treat you, if you cant prove you can pay.If you cant pay up front, no treatment. As hospitals and doctors wont have to pay for you free loaders, this will lower the over all cost of medical care.This will also lower my monthly premiums as I dont have to pay for you free loaders, too.After all, would you agree to do a job for someone, knowing you were not going to get paid?Didnt think so.

August 11 2:52 pm
Just now Mine was LOLOL My Name http:/

August 6 5:32 pm
The complaint part on the do not call gov site is no longer active. I cant find a way to report a number :-(

August 6 10:03 am
Dont try to defend them, just dont say you are working for a piece of sh***t company like that. Ive heard it all from those [***] company and none, I mean NONE of them can prove that their products are as reliable as the one we already use, as well as they cannot prove they are, or will be any cheaper than the company we are with. It a scam, sorry you have to work for a fraud, but thats the truth. After 18years of hearing their calls, I think I know them quite a bit!!

July 28 7:29 am
You are a lying sack of sh*t. You're the kind of person the FBI needs to track down and toss in jail for a few decades.

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