Phone Listings From Area Code 419-613 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 419-613
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qualstar Communications, In...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Liberty Center
  • County: Henry

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Latest Comments for 419-613

July 6 11:20 pm
I share your frustration. Someone with the Federal Communications Commission suggested I contact the Consumer Protection Division of my states Attorney General office. I will write this division a letter documenting every call from 201-845-6009 Rochelle Par NJ --specifically what was stated by an individual or automated message and will identify the individual or company calling me from 201-845-6009 Rochelle Par NJThe FCC representative asked me to specifically identify the 201-845-6009 Rochelle Par NJ the caller and what caller said to me.I will continue to document all calls from 201-845-6009 in Rochelle Par NJ and do everything I can to stop telemarketers, specifically 201-845-6009 Rochelle Par NJ, from harassing me and my family.

August 27 10:55 am
This is not from Best Buy. Its a nation wide scam that tries to get your personal info. It is the same company as the random calls from Consumer Credit services. Report it.

August 8 12:04 am
Danville Illinois Policemans Benevolent

August 9 6:57 pm
I just got a call withteh same thing.   I said "no, take me of the list, this is a business phone."   Then he repeated what I said.   I said "I'm not interested" and he repeated that.  I said hello and he repeated again.  lol!!!  I hung up after that.

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