Phone Listings From Area Code 417-827 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 417-827
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Nixa
  • County: Christian

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Latest Comments for 417-827

July 3 8:17 am
We receive increasing calls from 000-000-0. We let it go to answering machine & the voice asks us to press 1 to accept the charges &/or press 2 to speak to an operator. Sounds like a scam to me . I dont answed unknown numbers but the late evening calls are most annoying.

July 9 5:09 pm
bankrupt. I tried to negotiate a lower interest and they stuck a middle finger in my face.

July 19 9:39 am
I have a cell phone, and Ive had it for about a year.. this 000-000-0 number started calling me about a week ago, and theyre now calling me about 10-20 times a day, I only answered once, I said hello, and the people on the other line said hello, hello, hello? As if they couldnt hear me. Im tired of all these calls, seeing as im only 16, and I have my phone during school, I dont want to be getting it tooken away because someone I dont know calls me frequently, does anyone have an explanation for these calls? Who is it?

August 16 5:42 pm
I did get the same message,,plus pictures of an old lady she is 63 and she got cancer..they almost got me but when they tell me i need to pay R5000 for shipping company to bring pappers that i must sign i stopped them on the spot,,i mean y cant they mail it or something y does it have to be shipped.

July 12 5:28 am
Keeps asking me to sell my 16 year old daughter for sex

August 15 9:06 pm
Crazy. Leaving obscene text messages!

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