Phone Listings From Area Code 415-831 State Of California

  • Area Code : 415-831
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: San Francisco
  • County: San Francisco

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Latest Comments for 415-831

August 7 6:01 am
I have gotten about 20 call from this number saying they have my information and are investigating me the male does no speak clear english and gives another number from the number on caller id.

August 14 12:20 pm
I received a call from this number on 10-24-2012 at 2:55 pm CDT. The computer generated voice (female) did not identify who was calling, just to press <1> if I was the person they were looking for.I pressed <1> and was on hold briefly. A male voice came on the line and asked me if I was "Archie". When I asked who was calling he became gruff and demanded to know who I was. He never did identify himself or the organization for whom he worked.

July 12 12:20 am
Supposedly the govt is randomly picking people to give money 2 u.... Thats what they told me

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